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Program Motoman Robots with Rockwell Automation PLCs

The MLX family of PLC integration solutions provides an interface that enables the programming and control of Motoman industrial robots with the widely accepted Rockwell Automation Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). End users of robotic automation can deploy and support a broad range of Motoman robots with their existing staff and take ownership of their robotic applications.

The MLX family has evolved and is now available in two options; MLX200 and MLX300. Both provide a well-integrated environment that leverages the knowledge and experience of the PLC programmer, while providing access to industry leading robot technology. The robots are programmed through intuitive Add-On Instructions (AOIs) within the RSLogix 5000® / Studio Logix Designer® environment. Optimum performance is maintained using proven kinematics solutions.

If your staff understands and supports Rockwell Automation RSLogix™ software, the MLX family will provide the easiest way to develop, train and support your plant personnel.

Both MLX options provide the following benefits and advantages

  • The robot does not require a separate programming language

  • Easy to use library of function blocks and sample programs are provided

  • Full set of HMI screens reduce the time and effort required to implement a system

  • Protects investment in existing PLC staff; they do not need to learn the Motoman robot programming language (INFORM)


Case Study:

Flexible case packing & palletizing for Rockline Industries

Motoman integration partner CRG Technologies worked with Rockline industries to integrate a flexible case packing and palletizing system for flow-wrapped packs of baby wipes..

MLX robot control and PalletSolver software enable all programming to be handled from Rockline's existing PLC, using ladder logic - making the system more simple to program, operate and reproduce for other lines and locations.

Read the Case Study from Packaging World



MLX300 is Yaskawa’s latest generation of PLC integration. It is a software add-on to our industry leading DX200 and YRC1000 controllers. MLX300 offers all the integration capabilities previously available with MLX200, with added features and benefits.

MLX300 Features and Advantages

  • Broader range of PLC-programmable robots

    • All DX200 material handling robots

    • All YRC1000 GP-family robots

  • Optional Functional Safety Unit

  • Standard controller technology


MLX200 is an industrial robot controller built from the ground up to provide a seamless interface into the PLC environment, enabling all control and programming to be done through the existing PLC. Panel-mounted robot drives can be integrated into the main control cabinet resulting in reduced hardware, reduced floor space and a reduction in spare parts.

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