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XRC Macro Job - WBT / CBT

Web-Based Training / Computer-Based Training

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As requested / Self-paced

This module is a self-paced learning module; Initial session is 15 days or 30 times accessing


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The XRC Macro Job WBT is a self-paced learning module that is designed specifically for the XRC user that needs to know more about setting-up, using, and editing Macro Jobs. The WBT is designed to be used by programmers, engineers, and service personnel needing to know about Macro Job. The WBT can also be used as a refresher course for students that have previously viewed this module. The student must be familiar with XRC Basic Programming.

Students learn the use and functions of XRC Macro Jobs and identify the factors affecting setup/configuration of Macro Jobs.

Primary topics include:

Course Overview

This module consists of a self-paced learning environment reinforced with step-by-step procedures, images, and interaction. Students are requested to take the pre-test and post-test to gauge their knowledge. Topics relate to real-world cell development. Students are encouraged to follow and perform the WBT screens exercises on a live Robot cell (when feasible).

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additional time can be purchased as required