Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

Customer Care Agreements

Yaskawa Motoman is pleased to offer Customer Care Agreements featuring increased levels of support and “self-help” tools. All existing services and support will remain the same – nothing is being taken away. Yaskawa Motoman is simply introducing new support offerings (within Customer Care Agreements), that include expanded information, new services and new tools via our enhanced Web-based Customer Care Center.

Customer Care Agreements offer several access levels and options:

Silver Gold
(includes Silver level items, plus)
(includes Silver and Gold level items, plus)
  • One-Call Support – Contact Yaskawa Motoman’s telephone “hotline” at 937-847-3200 during normal business hours.
  • After-Hour Support – Outside normal business hours, “hotline” calls are handled by on-call Yaskawa Motoman Technical Support personnel on a page basis.
  • Yaskawa Motoman’s Customer Care Center web site is available 24/7 for general product information, Basic Troubleshooting, Periodic Maintenance, Safety information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and access to Yaskawa Motoman's Support Site.
  • Access to Computer-Based Training (CBT) modules (up to five per year).
  • Access to Helpful Hints and Advanced Troubleshooting sections.
  • Applications support.
  • On-line chat capability – allows customers to Instant Message with our Tech Support Team. This provides a convenient way to get quick answers to simple questions.
  • Ability to submit trouble reports on-line through the Customer Care Center – this service provides a case number for tracking and provides yet another avenue for customers to use to contact Technical Support.
  • Priority Response by calling a special toll-free number provided to (verified) Platinum-level customers only. Calls to this Priority Response number will be answered first. (Does not guarantee priority dispatch.)
  • Access to all Web-based Training (WBT) content.
  • Additional access through the Customer Care Center web-site that allows customer to:
    • View/download technical manuals (in .pdf format).
    • Access XRC/NX100 Detailed Alarm list.
    • Access NX100 software downloads.
    • CIO Ladder Programming. (Current CIO Ladder program should be provided by the customer via e-mail.)
  • Yaskawa-level access to ERC, MRC, XRC and NX100. (Note: Customer must first sign liability waiver. Not available to integrators.)
  • Platinum Options (Additional Fee):
    • Option 1: Dedicated Support Specialist. Motoman will provide a dedicated Support Specialist who will become highly familiar with your specific application, providing an even higher level of technical support. Customer will be provided with direct contact information to reach their dedicated Support Specialist during normal business hours.
    • Option 2: System Documentation. Motoman will provide customer with access to a secure server containing their systems documentation, providing 24/7 on-line access.