Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots and robotics automation systems

MotoSight™ 3D CortexVision

MotoSight 3D CortexVision simplifies the use of 3D vision in robotic guidance applications.  Using a single camera mounted to the robot, this vision system is ideal for precise part location in machine loading, product sortation and welding applications.

No calibration required!  The point and click environment and the self-learning feature dramatically reduce setup time.  Using the robot-mounted camera, the system takes multiple pictures and automatically refines the position of the camera to optimally locate the part.  The vision system returns precise positional information (X, Y, X, y, p, r data) about the object of interest.

MotoSight 3D CortexVision can learn a large number of objects and recognize any of them regardless of how they are positioned within the camera field of view.

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