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MotoSight 2D

2-D Vision Solution

MotoSight 2D is a hardware and software solution that easily adds vision to a Motoman robot and controller. Used in combination with a Cognex In-Sight Micro® camera and Motoman’s Pendant Vision application software, the MotoSight 2D package provides a powerful tool to solve 2D vision applications. This powerful vision solution can be added to DX100 or NX100 robots and controllers. Pendant Vision enables users to view images captured by the camera, as well as receive information about camera status, such as pass/fail, on-line status and current camera job. Users can also change camera jobs and view graphics overlays on the captured images. The DX100 controller uses the vision function to integrate communication into the robot programming language. The NX100 controller uses an Ethernet IP card to execute communications in a subroutine call. Base line programs are provided for DX100 and NX100 controllers to reduce the setup and configuration time of the system. The robot and camera programs are designed to cover most 2D applications, but can be easily modified to fit your application needs.

Pendant Features

  • Display camera images on the pendant
  • Monitor and change on-line camera status
  • Display pass/fail status
  • Auto display most recent camera image
  • Display graphics overlays on captured images
  • Train new parts on pendant
  • Calibrate camera using pendant


  • The DX100 controller uses a built-in vision function to communicate with the Cognex InSight camera to exchange data from the vision processing
  • The NX100 controller uses Ethernet IP fieldbus connectivity to efficiently retrieve the information from the camera

Vision Features

  • 1050 InSight Micro IMAGE Sensor
    • 1/3-inch CCD
    • 640 x 480 VGA
    • 60 frames per second
    • Lens type CS-mount and C-mount (with 5 mm extension, included)
  • Intuitive spreadsheet interface
  • Area-based search, boundary-based Patfind, image processing, blob, edge, histogram, standard mathematical and string handling functions


  • DX100 controller
  • NX100 controller with 3.91 version of software

NOT E: NX100 controller pendant application requires use of 64 MB pendant (Part Number 149450-3) and software version 3.91.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy!

  • Easy-to-integrate vision solution
  • Adds flexibility to robot applications
  • Reduces cost of expensive tooling for locating parts
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