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Motoman Painting Robots

Motoman EPX2050 Paint  Robot

Flexible, high-performance Motoman paint robots increase finishing quality, consistency and throughput, while dramatically lowering operating costs and decreasing wasted material. Our complete line of paint robots provides versatility and superior performance in standard industrial, automotive and aerospace coating and dispensing applications. 

These application-specific paint robots can be used for primer, base coat, finish coat, clear coat and spray dispensing, using water-based, solvent-based, powder, glaze and glue/adhesive materials.  They efficiently coat complex parts of nearly any size and shape, including recesses, curved and contoured surfaces -- without runs or sags. 

Robot Painting to Your Specifications

Motoman paint robots can be programmed to apply coating materials to different areas of the part to various film thicknesses.  They are available with a variety of hollow, Lemma, three-roll and standard wrists to suit your coating application needs.  Paint robots use a special controller with a Factory Mutual (FM) Class 1, Div. 1 intrinsically safe (explosion-proof) rating.

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EPX1250 Paint Robot
Payload   5 kg
Horz. Reach   1,256 mm
Vert. Reach   1,852 mm
EPX2050 Paint Robot
Payload   15 kg
Horz. Reach   2,054 mm
Vert. Reach   2,806 mm
EPX2700 Paint Robot
Payload   15 kg
Horz. Reach   2,700 mm
Vert. Reach   5,147 mm
EPX2800 Paint Robot
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   2,779 mm
Vert. Reach   4,582 mm
EPX2800R Paint Robot
Payload   15 kg
Horz. Reach   2,825 mm
Vert. Reach   4,752 mm
EPX2900 Paint Robot
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   2,900 mm
Vert. Reach   4,410 mm