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Robotic welding: Motoman MA1400 arc welding robot

Yaskawa Motoman is the world leader in robotic welding, with automated welding industry firsts such as patented multiple robot control and MA-series robots.  Integrated through-the-arm cabling improves weld accuracy, improves torch access and reduces downtime.  Motoman backs the performance of the MA-series arc welding robots with the industry's first two-year torch cable warranty.  This patented torch cable design was key to the success of the EA-series robots and is not available from other companies.  Motoman also was the first with an extended-reach (>3.0 m) robotic welding arm (HP50-20) and has an extended-reach MA-series robot (MA3100).

The first 7-axis robotic welding arm

Yaskawa Motoman is extending the success of these arc welding arms with the introduction of the first 7-axis robotic welder. The flexibility of the VA1400 model arc welding robot can be used to reduce floorspace and accommodate multiple welding robots in a single cell. The unique "elbow" axis of the robot arm also enables arc welding around tall parts or into boxy parts.

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Industrial robot arm models not shown to scale. Click robots to download PDF data sheets.

MH6S Arc Welding Robot
Payload   6 kg
Horz. Reach   997 mm
Vert. Reach   1,597 mm
VA1400 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   3 kg
Horz. Reach   1,434 mm
Vert. Reach   2,475 mm
VA1400 II Arc Welding Robot
VA1400 II
Payload   3 kg
Horz. Reach   1,434 mm
Vert. Reach   2,475 mm
MA1440 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   6 kg
Horz. Reach   1,440 mm
Vert. Reach   2,511 mm
HP20 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   1,717 mm
Vert. Reach   3,063 mm
MA1800 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   15 kg
Horz. Reach   1,807 mm
Vert. Reach   3,243 mm
HP20D-6 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   6 kg
Horz. Reach   1,915 mm
Vert. Reach   3,459 mm
MA2010 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   10 kg
Horz. Reach   2,010 mm
Vert. Reach   3,649 mm
MH50 II-20 Arc Welding Robot
MH50 II-20
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   3,106 mm
Vert. Reach   5,585 mm
MH50-20 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   20 kg
Horz. Reach   3,106 mm
Vert. Reach   5,585 mm
MA3120 Arc Welding Robot
Payload   6 kg
Horz. Reach   3,121 mm
Vert. Reach   5,615 mm