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Designed for large parts (up to 3 or 4 meters long) that require medium- to heavy-deposition welding, Modular FabWorld® is a flexible approach that allows customers to configure the fully integrated robotic arc welding solution that best meets their needs from standard, pre-engineered modules. Modular FabWorld includes one or two extended-reach robots; robot controller(s); integrated weld package(s); and one or two station kits. Each kit includes a selected headstock/tailstock positioner with 1,075, 3,000 or 6,300 kg payload; operator station; fence kit and safety devices. Modular FabWorld provides all the automation required for robotic welding, including a total safety environment that complies with the ANSI/RIA R15.06 safety standard.

Quick Ship Program for ArcWorld and FabWorld

Easy to Set Up and Program

  • Flexible layout configuration with positioner spans designed for 3 or 4 meters. Robots and positioners can be lagged to the floor to suit plant requirements, with fencing erected around the final dimensions.
  • MotoMount™ fixture mounting system eliminates need for precise positioner alignment. Head/tailstocks can be lagged to the floor without the use of lasers or transits for alignment.
  • Wire ways are supplied to route cables and protect them from welding environment.
  • Twist-lock connectors are included on all interconnection cables.
  • Coordinated motion software is included to make it easier to teach circumferential welds around contoured parts.
  • Total safety environment includes complete barrier guarding, dual-channel safetyrated, tamper-resistant interlocks; single point of operator control; interlocked access door; headstock and robot base position switches, arc flash curtain, and dual-channel light curtains.

MA-Series Robots

  • The extended-reach MA1900 or MA2010 provides access to larger workpieces.
  • Unique integrated torch cable design of the Expert Arc-series robots eliminates cable interference. This makes programming easier, improves access into part cavities/tooling, and reduces wear and associated cable maintenance downtime.
  • MA-series robots are backed by the industry’s only two-year torch cable warranty.
  • MA3100 has a 3,106 mm (122.3") reach, allowing it to easily cover a 4.0 m part span. It has become the industry’s leading robot for welding large structures.
  • Windows CE® programming pendant with color touch screen, fast processing, easy-to-use INFORM III programming language and robust PC architecture.
  • Unmatched memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), multi-level password protection and an Ethernet port.
  • Safety features – enhanced dual-channel E-stop functionality, integrated speed monitoring, manual brake release for the robot(s), and compliance with both U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Choice of Positioners: 1,000 kg, 3,000 kg, 6,000 kg capacity

  • MHT-500 headstock/tailstock positioner provides 1,075 kg (2,370.4 lb) maximum capacity; 1,620 mm (63.8") maximum fixture diameter; 3 m (118.1") standard workpiece length.
  • Heavy-duty MHT-1600 headstock/tailstock positioner provides 3,000 kg (6,615 lb) maximum capacity and up to 1,800 mm (70.9") maximum fixture diameter.
  • Extra heavy-duty MHT-3100 headstock/tailstock positioner provides 6,300 kg (13,891.5 lb) maximum capacity and up to 1,850 mm (72.8") maximum fixture diameter.
  • MotoMount or MotoMount HD fixture system has thru-hole for fixture utilities or can be fitted with optional slip rings.
  • Coordinated motion allows weld joint to be kept in a gravityneutral welding plane, improving weld quality.
  • Manual jog capability facilitates part loading and tacking operations.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy!

  • Largest part envelope in standard workcell configurations with very long reach MA3100 welding robot
  • Flexible layout possibilities using specified positioner spans or user-determined spans at time of installation
  • Optional sensors allow robot to find and track parts with larger manufacturing tolerances.

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