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Yaskawa Motoman provides multiple educational robots and solutions for education and workforce development. This includes our STEM Robotics education cells, Simple Education System and customizable training programs.

  • We help educators empower the local workforce and enable students to become proficient in robotics.
  • Teach robotic programming using the same equipment deployed in factories around the world
  • Provide students with the skills required for careers in advanced manufacturing
  • Robot training systems available in standard and welding configurations

STEM Robotics Program

We developed the STEM Robotics Program to provide community colleges, vocational schools and technical colleges with the best possible equipment for teaching industrial robotics.

welding robot teaching cell for STEM robotics educationStudents are excited about robotics. The success of high school robot competitions like FIRST and Vex make students enthusiastic about the chance to learn more advanced robot programming, and each year more of them are looking for opportunities to learn more.

Instructors want course work to be relevant and directly applicable to industry. The best colleges support their local community by preparing students to be successful on Day 1 of their careers as technicians and engineers in factories and other industries.

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YMEC - The Yaskawa Motoman Education Consortium

Yaskawa Motoman Education Consortium (YMEC) is a partnership among the best-in-class providers of, not only the robot, but peripherals, vision systems, enclosures, etc.

CognexMillerQC IndustriesSchmalzSchunk

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Includes the Top Ten Reasons for Adding Robots to Your STEM Program, a sample curriculum and Education Robot specifications.