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Miss Us at Fabtech and Rockwell's Automation Fair?

There was much excitement around our wide range of arc welding robots and sensing technology at Fabtech in Chicago, IL (Nov. 14-17). We highlighted the 7-axis VA1400 robot, the ArcWorld IV-6200SL
"slim line" welding solution, and the laser-based AccuFast seam finder. Read more about what you may have missed at our booth.


At Automation Fair® 2011 in Chicago, IL (Nov. 16-17), the activity was unbelievable! We demonstrated a flexible parts feeding solution with vision. It highlighted our MLX100 Robot Gateway™and the extended-reach MH5L robot.


Product News

MLX100 Robot Gateway

An expanded line of Motoman® robot models on the MLX100 Robot Gateway platform is now available. The MLX100 Robot Gateway enables the programming of Motoman robots through RSLogix™ 5000 Software. With the MLX platform, our customers can also utilize Cognex In-Sight® vision to locate parts and guide the robot, as seen at Rockwell's Automation Fair. This combination opens new possibilities for small parts assembly and handling applications.

MA1650T Robot

Slim and fast, the 6-axis MA1650T “Master Arc” welding robot features a “reversed” lower arm that provides a greater working range and depth of envelope. Available in ceiling- or wall-mounted configurations, the MA1650T offers a greatly expanded working range when combined with our MotoSweep™ radial gantry. The unique arm configuration avoids the reach limitations of a standard robot when inverted.

MotoEye LT and MotoEye SF

MotoEye™ LT and the new MotoEye SF software packages are for arc welding applications using Servo-Robot’s laser cameras. MotoEye LT laser seam tracking enables Motoman robots to precisely track weld joints at high speeds and in real time, even while the parts are turning on a coordinated positioner. The software provides significant advantages when welding circumferential welds around fuel tanks or similar vessels.

MotoEye SF laser seam finding is a high speed Ethernet interface developed for Servo-Robot’s SF-D laser camera series. This package provides an easy-to-use instruction to read in data from the camera including joint offset and joint geometry information.

Corporate News

Motoman Robots Key Component in Secondary Pilot Program

Two Motoman educational cells featuring the high-speed MH5 robots and eight DX100 SES-II Simple Education Systems were recently purchased as part of GO Topeka's Entreprenuerial and Minority Business Development (EMBD) program. EMBD's Advanced Automation Robotics Secondary Pilot Program is the first in the country. Students completing the program are eligible to receive a certification with the job-ready title of operator, technician or basic programmer. Read more...

DeRosett Appointed to RIA Board

Motoman is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim DeRosett, director of marketing, to the Board of Directors of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). DeRosett has 20 years experience in automation. Read more...

Featured Case Study

Automation Proves Solution to Higher Demand

As sales increase, companies need to meet that demand. For this small processor, automation proved to be the right choice as robotics are saving them time and money. Read more…

Additional Info

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Partner Spotlight

Motoman Robotics held its annual Partner Forum on October 13-14, 2011. With more than 18 product demonstrations and over a dozen technical and commercial sessions, attendees had many opportunities to learn about applying Motoman products across a wide range of industries and applications.

Also during the forum, a group of partners was recognized for their outstanding performance during 2010. Each partner excelled in a specific area of design, distribution or integration. The top partners were:

Amtec Corporation
Applied Machine & Motion Control
Matheson Linweld
Nutech Engineering
Southeastern Technology
Tennessee Rand
Wayne Trail Technologies