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Motoman Robots Handling and Palletizing

Using fork-style grippers, two Motoman EPL300 robots pick up one, two or three bags of powdered product at a time and palletize them onto wooden pallets in the appropriate stacking pattern.Bags of Powdered Consumer Products

Highly flexible system meets all project goals and requirements. System consists of two robot palletizing cells; each serves two product filling lines. System meets required cycle time, palletizing six bags per minute (24 bags per minute total). Depending on bag size and orientation, each robot picks one, two or three bags at a time, with each cycle averaging approximately 10 seconds per pick and place. Robots provide improved productivity, reliable production, and tighter, more uniform and stable pallet loads. Robots significantly decrease need for direct labor, while improving safety by reducing injuries.

Project Challenges

Motoman Robotics Solution

Motoman Robotics provided a custom EPL300 palletizing system, including:

Fixtures/Tooling Details

Motoman Robotics provided two sets of custom end-of-arm tooling consisting of fork-style grippers. Gripper combs fit between the conveyor rollers to lift bags, then retract during load building. A bag hold-down device keeps bags in place during robot motion. Grippers are capable of lifting two bags. Depending on product bag size and orientation, grippers pick single bags, two bags oriented long-ways (end-to-end) or three bags wide (side-by-side). Robot grippers do not handle slip sheets or pallets.

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